Tonight, Noah wanted to play Doughnut Shop.  He instructed me to make the sign, and being the oh-so-smart-mother I am, I decided to add a little learning to his playing. I, knowing that doughnut is not an easy word  for the average five year old to spell, was simply looking for the first letter:

“So, how do you think you spell doughnut? Duh–duh–duh,” I asked, feeling quite clever.

He interrupts, ” I don’t know. We should ask Moriah.”

Laughter ensues,and will quite possibly continue for the next few days.  I try to convince him that I know how to spell it.  He smiles and says, “no, I’ll go ask her. It’s okay.”

“Moriah, how do you spell doughnuts?”

She’s played Doughnut Shop before so she’s pretty confident in her answer.

d….o….u…n….t….s  [I love phonetic spellings]

“You get that, Mom?” Noah asks from down the hall.

Still laughing, “Yep, got it. Thanks Moriah.”

Since our kids are beyond the age where incorrect English is cute, I told them both how to spell it. Which resulted in a collective, “Oh.”

Doughnuts. d-o-u-g-h-n-u-t-s. Doughnuts.