but nine times out of ten, I will try to talk myself out of going (it rarely works, by the way). This time I was actually looking forward to today because I really enjoy meeting new people and I’ve wanted to be neighbors and not just the people that live in the house on the corner. Before today, I had only met one set of neighbors, unless you count Mr. L. Once today came, it was a different story. Today was our block party and I looked on weather.com in hopes that there would be rain. No rain and no socially adept husband to hide behind (he’s off camping). So, I sucked in my introverted gut, whipped out one of my crowd-pleasing recipes, and reminded myself that “they are just people, what can they do to me?”

I had a blast! My kids made friends and I really enjoyed the company. The kids also enjoyed the bouncy thing and being able to play in the street. Apparently, not everyone on the block comes—like that one couple that walked right by—but those that were there are great. I’m sorry Nathan missed it. The block has such an eclectic group of people. Lots of creative types though yet so much variety in that, and I really love that. So fun. Even though it isn’t Friday, consider this my Welcome Home Friday post. Welcome home to neighbors.