September 031 Anyone ever watch 227? Well, there was this neighbor on the show. Pearl.  She was SO nosey.  So nosey, you just had to laugh.  In some ways I’ve always wanted nosey neighbors. They are the ones that would be able to tell you who picked the flowers out of your garden or why my neighbors across the street were gone for so long.  As of late, I’ve realized that we are The Mysterious Mr.  L’s nosey neighbors.

It all started with Noah, really.  Every time he heard the front door open, he would run from our house just for a chance to see Mr. L.  Mr. L always says hi to Noah and asks him how he’s doing.  Once both children had seen and been introduced to Mr. L, they (and I) were curious about what his side of the duplex looked like.

One day he came over to get something out of our apartment. Nathan helped carry it into Mr. L’s place and the kids took that as an invitation to come in.  Mr. L invited us in, we chatted with his friends, the kids watched his TV and Nathan drank his beer.  Nice place.  I tried to restrain my eye movements, but I learned a lot about him just from the pictures on the walls.  Anyway, he’s been pretty open about his personal life with my husband, and since then we have been BEYOND curious any time we hear the voice of a lady on the other side.

I’ve had to restrain myself more than once from looking in the peephole to see who was in the entry.  Under the instruction of my husband and my own desires, I have run to the window to catch a glimpse.  Tonight, the kids went over the top.  Our blinds were open. Then Nathan, mid sentence, says excitedly, “Look! Look! Who is that?!”  The kids run over and I do too, until I see Mr. L coming up the sidewalk.  I didn’t want him to see us trying to look out our window at his guest. So, then I quietly returned to the table to hide my face in shame and laugh.

The kids, they didn’t move.  They were watching the entire time. Every time someone looked over at our window, Noah would duck and laugh.  I finally went over and closed the blinds. Someone had to be an adult about all of this.  But then, Noah raises the blinds to get a better look.  Then he goes outside!  The lady says hi and Noah comes back in. I don’t know where he gets that from.

Note: the above picture was taken only for this post, not because I was actually trying to take a picture of what was going on.