Amber made this and is giving it away!

Amber made this and is giving it away!

As soon as I smelled the crisp, Autumn air, I knew the day would soon be near.  The mailman would deliver the JCPenney catalog! And what a joy that was to me.  I would hug the giant book in my scrawny arms as I walked down the hallway and into my room in hopes of not dropping it or tearing its cover.  Closing the door behind me, I couldn’t turn to the Little Girl’s section fast enough.

First, I would stare at the first page and analyze each body shape: slim, regular, plus size.  I stared at the outfits and tried to determine which shape I should get.  Then, I poured over every.single. page selecting the items and colors that I wanted in my wardrobe for school.  My favorite page was the page with socks, tights, and undershirts. Circle, circle here. Star, star there.  I loved it.

I don’t remember ever getting  anything from the catalog, that wasn’t the point. The fun was dreaming.  That was one of my favorite things to do in preparation for going back to school, and to avoid freaking everyone out I will avoid talking about my obsession with school supplies and how fun and exciting it was to buy all of those things (I bought a crank sharpener the other day and have been sharpening pencils for fun).

I still look in catalogs and pick outfits and try to imagine what the clothes would look like on me, what colors I would get and how I would pair the pieces.  I saw my daughter doing the same thing the other day; and I realize that my children’s back to school memories will soon be my favorite back to school memories.

So, there it is.  My favorite back to school memory.

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