I have not been able to find a thrift store in our new home, so when we went back to Fargo to visit friends, I made sure to add my favorite thrift shop to the itinerary. Here’s what I found.

I have wanted an ironing board like this one for many years now. Each time I see one, it is way more than I am willing to spend. This one cost me $2. I plan to refinish it and add a nice cover/pad to it…one day.

This fabric was definitely an afterthought, but I can’t seem to resist high contrast. I think it is a cotton duck, but I’m not sure. $2.75 for 1 3/4 yard. I don’t know what I’ll use it for.

And this picnic basket. When I saw it, I heard it call my name. I’ve been wanting [another] one of these as well. The other one I have has broken handles(I was going to fix them) and it is mock wicker. This is actually wicker, straw, whatever and I love the design and the color. The size is also great. It is about a 16″ square.

That was a fun stop. I went in looking for costume additions for a murder mystery dinner my husband and I were attending, but I didn’t find any items to add to our outfits.