August 238

We love our public library system!  We use our library on a regular basis and we always leave with a lot of books.  They each have their own card and that makes them feel really grown up and responsible. Since I plan on this being a lifetime activity, I want my children to learn how to use the computerized system, the librarian, and eventually the methods of book categorization so they can find just the books they want or need.

This time I decided to place a 10-book maximum restriction on the kids.  Noah used to fill his bag with books about horses . He has taken an interest in learning to read, so he asked the librarian to show him books that would help him learn to read. Moriah usually ends up with something crafty or related to drawing.  She also enjoys books about ballet, real and pretend princesses, and funny fiction books. Today, she discovered a comic strip drawing book on her own (and did a little happy dance and her famous Woody Woodpecker giggle) and asked for help finding books by Mo Willems.  I always check out books, too.  I have books on Somalia, Canada, starting conversations, sewing, and knitting.

I bring up that the kids asked the librarian for help because I used to be the one that helped them all the time. I want them to feel comfortable asking the librarian for assistance and knowing why the librarian is there (and besides, if she has time to be on Facebook while at work, I think she needs something to do).  This was a huge step for Noah, because I was on the other side of the library out of sight.  As a mom with a very attached boy, it feels really good to be able to hide myself in the shelves of 646 and 745 all alone.  Moriah also learned how to request a book from another library on the computer.

Support your local library!