School starts in one week (and I. am. ready). Each summer I have unspoken goals for my children. The goals are a variety of spiritual, social, physical, or academic goals. VBS was a success. It accomplished some spiritual and social goals. Not only did my children put the lessons into action each day (and once it was over), they had fun.  I could tell that the people involved really have a heart for the children and that they believed what they were teaching.  That’s always a good thing.

After the second day, Noah was just fine and never made a fuss. He did want it to be over, but he always talked about it and he always wanted to go back.  His teacher sent him home with the sweetest, encouraging note.  I’m saving it for his scrapbook.   I’m usually a little reluctant to send my kids to a strange place on their own, but I’m glad I took this calculated and prayerful risk.

Otherwise, most of the goals were either accomplished, or they made big strides in the right direction.  I’m proud of the growth that occurred in my children this summer and I’m really excited to see what the school year holds.  I’m anticipating some hard lessons, but nothing we can’t get through.