August 132 The used bookstore is an easy walk from our place.   I gave the kids each $1 in hopes that they would actually be able to buy something.  I had a specific book in mind that I was looking for and the kids wanted to look at children’s books.

When we got to the building we noticed a cart on the sidewalk. It was full of books that were $1 each and if you bought 2 you got a third for free.  We saw a few children’s books there, but wanted to check out the inside.  The inside did not have what we were looking for and I forgot to bother looking to see what their general selection was like.We all got Tootsie Pops and went back outside. We ended up with three books for $2. Not bad!  I picked up a children’s dictionary, Moriah got an Eric Carle collage book (it teaches how to make collages in his style and it came with a lot of decorative tissue paper), Noah also got a children’s story book.

August 133

The cool thing about this bookstore is that they will order new books for you and if you bring in paperbacks, you get a percentage off the retail price (20-50% off).  This exchange also works for their used books.  I like used bookstores and I should visit them more.  It’s just so much more convenient to go online and so much cheaper to just go the the library, but sometimes there are books you need to own.  AND thanks to my mother and my husband I really have a heart to support locally owned and small businesses. There are several used bookstores in our area, so it should be fun to explore those as well.