Summer 2009 030

It’s just over a month now and I finally feel settled in.  Every box is not unpacked. Every picture is not on the walls. But this, here, is home. It functions and it has an abundance of natural light. Our home is on a busy street and I wonder if I’ll ever get used to the noise.  I don’t want to get used to the noise.  Although, now that I think about it, I don’t remember hearing the  roars of every motorized vehicle that zoomed by. I think people forget that this is a residential area.

This house is actually a duplex. I love that it looks like a single family dwelling from the outside.  We live on one side and our very nice landlord lives on the other side.  Our kids are smitten with the mysterious Mr. L. He’s not mysterious at all, really.  We just rarely see him and he’s really quiet inside his house.  I don’t ever hear him singing or talking to himself.

Our home is in walking distance of  a lake with a beach, a park with wading pool, a sledding (or rolling or running) hill, a creek, tennis courts, foot bridges, yummy food, a used bookstore and a coffee shop. We try to do something in our neighborhood everyday.

To give everyone some context as to where a lot of our stories take place, I thought it would be fun to share a piece of our neighborhood adventures with you each week.  So, every Friday is Welcome Home Friday. The kids and I (and Nathan if he’s around) will visit a neighborhood spot, take a picture and share our adventures with you. We all love to explore new things and I’ll have fun sharing these moments with you.

So, be sure to come back every Friday.  Once we’ve completed everything in walking distance, we’ll venture out a bit. Sound good?  Great! I’ll see you next Friday for sure, but check back earlier for other stories.