I recently purchased some organic blueberry iced tea from my neighborhood co-op. And the giant jar I made it in. I’ve used this jar to make lemonade, and I must say that there is something about making beverages in jars that leaves me to think it will taste really good.

Not so the blueberry iced tea. I searched high and low for my cheesecloth, but I couldn’t find it. Maybe that had something to do with the results. Maybe there is more to making sun tea than sticking water and tea in a jar to sit outside in the sun. Maybe the tea is just bad. The kids and I agree that it taste like dirt. In my family I am the sweet tea maker. No one makes it like me. I’ve never met a tea I couldn’t master.

However, I have enough left to try again. Next time I will try the traditional method of boiling the tea. I just hate to waste a gallon and a half of sweetened tea. Can I water my plants with it?

In more positive news, my friend is coming to visit this weekend and she’s bringing a sewing machine! I hope I can muster up the determination to start a project or two.