Hi, I’m back. Surprise, surprise.  I’ve put a lot of work into the “new” blog, so please humor me and start at the beginning if you’ve come here directly. For convenience sake the blog address for where I write is the same.  I think that was one sleepless night to figure out a way to start over without really starting over.  I just added a bunch of stuff cause my sewing machine is broken and I can’t sew because I needed to refresh things a bit.

If you have come here by way of the Blogger entrance, thanks for sticking with me through all of those links.  That was another sleepless night.  Please bare with me as I change and adjust the appearance of the blog (links will come eventually).  I will continue to write on this blog, and it is still a blog about my family (and other random things).  I do this because it is fun for me and because there are a few of you that enjoy reading my thoughts. I really appreciate that and I like that you like this space.  So, unless I lose all of my fingers in a combine, the blog will continue until I die or something else dramatic. I simply need to remember that I enjoy changing up the appearance every now and then.

Don’t forget to humor me and start with The Front Page, and welcome [back]. Oh, and could you let me know if there are any troubles along the way?