Moriah. The fashionistaita. The pretender. The reader. The artist. Moriah is passionate about rules, order, and justice. She is creative, opinionated, graceful, intelligent, sensitive and strong. Shaken easily by the ploys of her younger brother, Moriah still manages to maintain the upper hand. “He might get bigger than me, but I’ll still be older.”
Nathan. The husband. The father. The gentle giant. A man of many words and great strength. Nathan is funny, protective, intelligent, and hard to stay mad at. Nathan has superior social skills and a mesmerizing-ly cunning way. Though known to “spaz-out” about trivial things, Nathan maintains his position as “The Rational One” in his home. “I’m not long-winded. I’m thorough.”

The Horsey-boy. The athlete. The rootin‘-est, tootin‘-est, cuddly snuggler in town. Noah is compassionate, intelligent, helpful, gentle and strong. Angered easily by his [un]fortunate sibling rank, Noah manages to annoy his sister daily. “Don’t touch me, Moriah, you’ll mess up my mane!”


Andrea. The writer. see About.