Last night I was a naughty girl. You know how I’ve been complaining about not having a digital camera? Well, I have been complaining and blaming my lack of crafty posting on not having a camera. Last night…I bought one. I spent most of the day researching a nice point and shoot (we’ll eventually get an DSLR). Then, in the darkness of night I bought one. I charged it actually.

I felt really bad. I’ve never done anything like that before. Just up and charge something without discussing it with my husband. I couldn’t sleep last night. But this morning, I giggled just thinking about it. Stud will not be happy, but he’ll get over it. To be fair, he did say we should just get one after he found out how much money was spent on buying and processing film. And I did tell him that some days I just want to buy a camera. Some days like last night.