that the females in this house are NOT morning people.  When Moriah was a baby, she would wake up for her morning feeding way before I was ready to get out of bed. I could usually cuddle her on the couch until we both went back to sleep for a couple of hours.  When Noah was a baby he would wake up for his morning feeding and stay awake. There was no cuddling him to sleep–he wanted to play.

He has continued this trend of waking up early and playing.  In fact, he wakes up laughing and playing and in a good mood. Weirdo.  This morning, he thought it would be funny to try and engage Moriah and I in play by throwing a soft ball at our butts.  Little did he know…

Moriah is much crabbier in the mornings than I am. To hear her yelling at him, I was afraid to come out of the kitchen to see what monster emerged.  He finally moved on to me and I obliged. I played. And what do you know? Playing in the morning can be quite fun and cheerful. Relaxing even.