This is the first time in four years that my kids have had their own room. I am a fan of sharing, but being different genders, different ages, and the rate of their maturity, I have also been a fan of my children having their own space. They were really rooting for a three bedroom dwelling while we were looking for a place to rent in our new home. They waited patiently while we painted each room just so–the color they chose. They were beyond excited. Now that their rooms are done, what do they do?

They spend the entire day in the living room wondering what they should do and being close to me. I love my children and I like them close to me, but we all need a little space some time. Right now they are in their individual rooms spending time alone. I think we all need this, and I think I will weave this new routine into our new routine. I think 30 minutes is a good start.

We have moved several times in 9 years of marriage and each time I choose something new to add in with the transition. I think it is easy to start something new when everything is new. For example, my kids will be a more active part of our meal preparation and decisions. I have purchased three really good cookbooks for children (more on those later), and they have gone through and made a list of all the things they want to make. I, in turn, will go through their list and add their items to our weekly menu. They will be responsible for preparing each item (with supervision of course). Just last night Noah (age 5) made root beer floats. Seeing the joy and pride in his voice was priceless. He even felt moved to applaud his efforts. It was so cute. His next snack is homemade peanut butter and apple slices.

I’m excited about sharing the kitchen with my children. I lived under the feet of my mother and grandmother while they were in the kitchen and all of my learning was by observation. It is important to me to pass the art and skill of cooking on to my children.