Now that I’m in a larger city (with hills) it is more difficult to efficiently navigate the streets.  Fargo-Moorhead  is so flat that I could essentially walk out my front door and see the nearest Target, gas station, grocery store, library… Here? Not so simple. I have adopted a whole new routine for running errands.  Although I don’t get lost, I loose lots of time in other areas.

1. I make a list of things I need. That list is further organized into where can I buy these items.

2. Conduct a search of the purchase locations in my area, and copy the address that I think is close to my home based on the suburb, my limited address location knowledge, etc.

3. Paste this address into Google Map as point B and type in my address as point A.

The difficult part is knowing that although the store might only be 10 minutes away, there could be one that is only 5 minutes away.  It’s nice to be centrally located, but there are several suburbs that border our city and it all just kind of blends together. So, then I take a chance and hope I picked the best option. I’m learning anyway.

4. Write down the directions to each individual place I need to go to.

5. Drive there.

6. Spend two hours longer in the store than I need to or normally would because, not only are the streets organized differently, so are the stores. I have no idea what products are offered in the store or how the store is organized. Yesterday I spent two hours in Target buying sunblock, a dustpan, storage boxes, and toothbrushes.  I think I’ve got the grocery store figured out, but with two hungry kids who just spent two hours in Target and are way louder than they used to be in public places, the trip to the store also took much longer than it usually does.

Usually, when I go shopping I have my list and I go straight for the items in the most efficient, strategic way possible. Grocery shopping for a full list takes me 30 minutes (on the lengthy end). Running errands would take 1 hour including drive time and a minute or two here or there for window shopping.  I also make a weekly menu to help with shopping, but my brain is so crowded. I can’t think straight with a cluttered home and I haven’t even gotten my kitchen routine down.  Oh the things I never knew I had, but I’m discovering were so helpful–like a kitchen routine. My goal is to get all my domestic routines down–altered accordingly and into action soon.