After writing yesterday’s post I got really motivated to explore.  My goal was to find a co-op close to our home.  I found one! It is only about five minutes away.  The perk is that the co-op is in an area that has several other neighborhood places that I wanted to find.  A nice, quaint library (think Music Man, only smaller, but just as quiet and minus the singing), a bread store (we had the same one in Fargo, and I rarely actually bought bread there, but it’s good stuff for special occasions like feeling obligated to buy after eating the free sample), a coffee place (it’s not a shop, but they have over 100 varieties of coffee beans that they roast fresh daily and over 100 varieties of bulk tea), a children’s bookstore (complete with live animals in cages, Noah will hate it, Moriah will love it), etc.  It’s a really cute area, and I did not get lost!

Recently, Nathan and I discovered that he feels more comfortable in an area of town (shopping district) where it’s almost like there’s a dress code to walk on the sidewalks.  I feel more comfortable in an area of town (shopping district) that has people walking around with purple hair and holes in their ears big enough to stick my elbow through.  The part of town I found yesterday is a nice blend of those two atmospheres.  That’s our neighborhood.

Today, I’m going to look for a bakery.  I’ll report back tomorrow.