We’ve moved most of our belongings and our children are living it up with their Southern grandparents. I’m so glad that our kids are with my parents.  It is such a blessing to have them away during the move.

Nathan found a place for us to live.  I haven’t seen the inside (it isn’t available until July), but I LOVE the neighborhood.  I hope that we will one day be able to buy a home in the same area.  In the meantime some wonderful friends have agreed to put up with us until we can get in. Nat’s first day of work was today.  This week is all training.

I had an interview with a headhunter.  I think it was a waste of time.  The saga continues, just in a different city.  On the plus side, the only time I’ve gotten lost so far was in a parking garage.  My level of boredom is surpassed by my level of apathy and overwhelmedness.  Overwhelmed to the point of making up words, mind you 🙂 I’m not overwhelmed by what I expected to overwhelm me–the driving.  I am simply overwhelmed by the details of our circumstances and it all seems to hinge on my ability (which has yet to be proven) to get a job.  No joke, I’m going to need lots of inner healing after this.

In the meantime, my sugar will be relaxing by the lake, people watching, exploring  and simply ignoring the white elephant. I’m not going to let job hunting get me down. Well…not tomorrow anyway.