Today Nathan is away looking for a house/apartment/condo/townhouse in our soon-to-be-new home. I appreciate that my husband knows me well enough and that I trust him enough to find a place for us when I’m not around.

Throughout all of these decisions about jobs and moving I have taken great delight in how much I trust my husband. And in this rare instance, my trust in God has come through my knowledge that Nathan seeks to follow the Lord and what he has for our family.  During all of this, I have not always held on to the fact that God is leading me somewhere, but I have been able to hold on to the fact that God is leading Nathan somewhere, and that Nathan is leading his family into what God has for us.  In this backwards occurrence I am trusting God because I know that Nathan is in his hands. I look forward to the moment when I’m not so insecure about these decisions and can walk with God on my own (that is side by side with Nat). For now, I get a piggyback ride on the faith and trust Nathan has right now.