I think that most of our friends and immediate family know this by now, but if not and this is the first you’re hearing of it, we apologize.  We’re moving. In about two weeks. We have moved every two years (or less) since we were married 9 years ago. This move is the largest move and will take the most faith. This is the hardest move and the scariest move. Nathan won’t be dragging me behind kicking and screaming, but I’m a bit reluctant to say the least. But only cause, for my taste, there aren’t enough details pinned down.

After much prayer, circumstances and a whole host of other things that drive me completely insane, we are moving to a major metropolitan area (most likely a suburb).  Nathan has a job in the heart of downtown and he is quite excited. I am too, but I remain unemployed and he remains in a job that requires me to be employed until business picks up.

We are looking for housing and we have found a wonderful school for the kids. They will continue/start learning Spanish at a charter school.  I have so much more to tell you, but not now.  Keep checking in, cause now that I can tell people we are moving, there is plenty to write about to keep you updated on our family.