My daughter loves to read and she loves to buy things. This combined with our tight budget tends to pose a problem when she brings home book orders. We’ve had the same conversation in a different context–usually Claire’s.

One child seems to understand that, in his words, “we can’t buy that because we don’t have any money, but maybe when we get some money.” The cute thing is when he uses that reason for other things, “we can’t go outside because we don’t have any money.”  The other child does not seem to understand, “I only pretend to not want anything so I don’t have to keep hearing you say, ‘why do you keep asking for stuff when you know we don’t have any money?'”

Last month she brought home the book order, then we had the same conversation, “we can’t because we just.don’t.have. the money.”  She really is tired of hearing that and I really am tired of saying it. So, here’s what she did to solve her problem and mine:


She posted a job wanted sign in our window. Too funny! This was all before they started earning money.  I think her love of shopping might be motivating her to do her chores.