Just a shirt dress made from this pink linen shirt. I am a sucker for linen, but the color and the cut of the shirt just wasn’t flattering on me. I thought it would make a cute dress for my daughter. I also knew it would be an easy first refashion project.


All I did was take in the sides and a little from the back, maintaining the original cut of the shirt. I was pleased with how the side and back alterations turned out, with the exception of the collar. I also thought this would be a great opportunity to attempt garment dying for the first time. The lady in the fabric store piqued my interest when she said it was fun and addicting. I’m all for fun and craft addictions so I gave it a shot. She did warn me to use really good dye. I agree, but I had no time.

I was not pleased with the result. Quite honestly, as long as it took to take my after shot I probably could have used the time to order the dye online and been more pleased with the result. Oh,well a lesson learned. The dye is splotchy, the thread did not dye, and I had a horrible time trying to find buttons and thread to match. My children and I all agree that I should have just left it pink. Oh well. Although I’m not pleased with the dye job or the way the collar looks (under the collar), I was very pleased with my alterations. If I were to do it over again I would also change the darts and I would not dye it. So, here it is. My first wardrobe refashion! drum roll please…..

I’m still quite proud of myself. I had never turned one item of clothing into another item of clothing.