It was the morning of his big photo shoot. I was so excited! I don’t know how many times I’ve wished I had a friend as strange as I am that would call me up in windy 50 degree weather to take pictures of her _____________ (clothing, shoes, quilt…). Apparently, my son does not realize how blessed he is to have a mom like me. A mom who would smudge brown eyeshadow on his face to mimic grease. A mom that would go to the neighborhood truck yard to ask if she could use one of their trucks as “a background for pictures of my son.” Since the request seemed strange enough I elected not to tell them I was taking pictures of an apron while my son wore it.


He cried after the eyeshadow and having to put on shoes he doesn’t like. Then, I made him take off his jacket in the cold and hold some tool. I begged, “please, please, please just do this for mommy. I’m having a lot of fun. You don’t even have to smile, cause I want you to look tough. It’s the perfect day for it cause there isn’t too much sun and I just really want you to do it. Please?” I’m not one to beg my children to do anything for me (asking politely? yes), but since this was quite out of the ordinary, I thought it best. Then, I took
after picture


after picture of my sweet, patient boy in his apron.

This apron was made from an old uniform shirt. I removed the sleeves, the front panels, back yoke ( is that what that’s even called), and pockets. What I had left was the main part of the back, which already had the shape for an apron. I simply put the pockets on and added some gray bias tape to trim and add the neck loop and ties. The existing hem remained.

To be honest, I designed an apron to make from this:


It’s one of my grandmother’s old dusters. I love the fabric (this picture only picks up on the…ahem…dust). My design was really cute and I was very proud of how I executed some of the sewing techniques involved in assembling the apron. But once it was done the drafted design did not translate to my finished product. It hangs funny, the bodice is too narrow, etc. etc. It looks stupid. I even had a really cute idea for the photos. I would have needed a crazy, artsy friend.


So, to save face in my first online craft challenge I decided I would take really cute pictures of my really cute son in a very simple apron that I made last November (without spending any money). After all he went through and me hoping that just one of these pictures would turn out, I finally got the tough guy look and a great shot of my son in his apron.

Now, each time we drive by the truck yard he has fond memories of it. Really. Once a few days passed he remembered it as something fun he did with Mommy. And now I can’t wait to make him something else to model.