This is my favorite quilt. It was only the second quilt I have completed since learning to quilt almost nine years ago. Since I did not have much experience under my belt I was a bit insecure in my skills. The women who taught me to quilt give their quilts away as gifts and thus set the precedent for me to do the same. I had to determine the measurements for this quilt so that it would fit the size of the tablecloth, and I hired someone to machine quilt heart-shaped leaves.

I have never minded giving. I love to give, but I felt a special affinity to this quilt (and the vintage tablecloth I used as the backing). I also was overly concerned about what the family would think about the quilt or if they would like it because it wasn’t perfect. So, it took a little convincing to follow through with my plan to give this quilt to friends who are very special to us.

This quilt was also the first handmade item I gave to anyone who wasn’t family. So, up to the day I delivered the quilt I still had reservations about giving it away. The joy and the tears that flowed from her as she unfolded the cloth was a very proud moment for me. This quilt taught me to give even when it hurts, to give even when I’m not so sure if it will be taken care of, and that most of all: when I give handmade, yes I want people to love it, but their response (or lack of) should not dictate if I give or not. I should give out of love and create out of love–not for recognition or for a pleasing response.

This is my submission to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival.