Nathan turned 30 this past Friday.  I had plans to throw him a surprise party, but everyone that was coming (except his family) canceled at the last minute.  I was so stressed about if I should be throwing him a party when he really is a no-frills guy (and means it when he says “don’t do anything for me” and he stated that almost weekly during my secret plans) that I syked myself out about it and ending up calling the whole thing off.  If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t choose to plan a surprise party.  Anyway, the invitation gave invited guests the permission to play a joke on him.  No one took the opportunity to do that, which was also a bummer.

So, instead of the party, we went to Nathan’s parents. While we were there we received an email from one of the couples I invited, but couldn’t come because it was too close to the wife’s due date.  They announced the news of the birth of their daughter–who they named after me.  I was so honored, even though I wasn’t sure if it was pronounced the same–surely it was just a coincidence and not an indication of the impact I’ve made in their lives.  She has like three names, weighed 10 1/2 pounds and was 23″ at birth!  Labor was only 8 hours.  We shared in their joy and the astonishment that someone so small had a baby that big two weeks early for her first pregnancy, with such a short labor too.

I was trying to estimate what size diapers Andreah would need and if I would realistically have time to make a gift in two weeks. Nathan replied to the email with much joy and an attempt to schedule a little time to visit them and their new little one the next time we are down their way.  The response?


It was a joke!  They sure got us.  Nathan and I are not gullable people.  We are actually, usually suspicious.  But, this couple is so sweet and genuine, we would never expect anything like that coming from them.   That was a good one–kind of mean, but very effective. I’m still shaking my head over it all.