I’ve had a really horrible day today. I was out buying a few last minute items for my husband’s surprise 30th birthday party when the few people that were coming called because they had to pull out. Aside from all of the other frustrations surrounding planning his party, like people not RSVP-ing, this was the most difficult to handle. It took all dignity within me to not start bawling as I checked out and told the cashier that I wouldn’t be buying half the items in my cart. I felt utterly heart-broken. I took it all very personally.
To soothe myself, I made a visit to my local library and checked out a couple of wonderful books full of pretty things. I also have plans to bury myself in piles of scrap fabric as I look for the perfect print to make something from one of those books…one day. It doesn’t matter when I make it or if I ever do, I take delight in ideas and developing plans to carry out those ideas. I’ve always been amazed that simply looking at and touching fabric seems to soothe me, energize me, and release me. It’s better than a stiff drink, if you ask me.