I have been having conversations with my children lately that have reminded, encouraged, convicted and taught.

Through my children I have been reminded of what is important in a friend.  I have been encouraged that even though I am not always perfect, they still see me as a sweet and silly mommy. I need to see people like that.  Even when people act in ways that are unpleasant, they are still the person God created them to be.

We also had an interesting conversation of what it means to be rich.  At the time my children’s responses made me chuckle because it is so far from true by the world’s standards, but now it brings a tear to my eyes.  They have seen people who have more than we do. They have seen fancy and they have seen the appearance of wealth, but yet our children think we are rich. They think we are rich because we have fun and because we love them and because they have clothes and a home. They do not count the dollars or the amount of or quality of  our stuff.  Our children look at our family and our love and call it rich.

And that is what we are.