We have read from this Bible to our kids since before they could walk.  It’s kid tested and pastor approved.  Our kids love the pictures and the shortened versions of Scripture.  I think the pictures are what helps draw the kids into the stories. Nathan and I love that even though it is an abbreviated Bible for children, the publishers  included many bible stories and scriptures that are typically left out of children’s bibles.  Each story is the perfect length for our bedtime routine. The kids are engaged when we read the Word to them from this Bible and it has helped them with Bible trivia (a “game” Nathan plays with the kids).

There is one problem we have come across with this Bible. Even though the kids and I love the pictures, Nathan and I have found that we need to reiterate that the pictures are just representations of the people in the stories and not real pictures. Just yesterday, Nathan was driving with the kids and they decided to test his Bible knowledge with a little trivia game of their own. After a few rounds Noah asks Nathan, “Who is the guy that killed his brother and wears a green shirt?”

I think the green shirt part almost stumped Nathan, but he did get the answer right. Go, hun!