Drats! I wish I could remember all of those fill-in post ideas.  The ones I said I would use when I didn’t really have anything to write about. I actually have lots of post ideas. I just don’t want to make anyone mad at me for having an opinion.

Here’s a deep ,intimate thought for you:  I made my friend something for her birthday and then I ate them all after being stuck at home in a blizzard.  I tried to make more, but a little bit different and they literally looked like poop. I think the way things went for her birthday weekend, the poop would have been symbolic, but I refuse to give anyone something that is supposed to be sweet and yummy, but looks like poop. So now I have to buy ingredients for a third time and make sure I give them to her before I eat them all again.

I’ve been considering my post content lately. I was so much funnier when I was a stressed-out, cynical grad student.  I wonder what happened to my funny bone.  Maybe my pet dog ate it. Oh, wait, I don’t have a dog.

Gotta go. There is rumor of a big spill upstairs.  Better check that out.