I have renewed my pro account and will be updating my flickr account slowly, but surely.  I am so glad that is up and running again.  Now I just have to get caught up.

I was once a member of Facebook, but I have since discontinued my participation.  I’ve really been doing a lot of thinking.  I don’t want to think back on this season of my life or any time in my life and realize so many opportunities were missed because I spent my free time on the computer. That’s the short of it.  I really enjoy blogging, an occasional email when they come, handwritten letters, and definitely face-to-face interaction.  Facebook definitely helped me feel connected in some way and I’m missing that a bit, but I must not give in. I gave in, but usage is definitely minimal.

They have increased the crest level again.  So people are having to add even more to the dikes they thought were completed.  We are far, far away from the River so we would like to stay around to help those who will be immediately effected.  If need be, we will leave.  However, keep praying.