I assume that you all are keeping up a little with the situation up here.  But as far as our family goes, we are calmly preparing for the worst.  Tonight we are preparing our basement, buying life vests for the kids, and packing an overnight bag in case we are evacuated. We would be evacuated if the dikes break.  My prayers are still for the Red River Valley area.  In situations like this, it is best to remain calm because then you can think clearly and rationally.

The FM area is pretty much at a stand still. Businesses are closed to help sandbag, water use is restricted, and travel is not advised unless you are helping with the flood fight.

We’ve explained everything to our kids and for now Moriah wants to make sure the water will not go up the stairs and ruin her toys.  We don’t want our “toys” to get ruined either.  Noah is getting more than a few laughs when I mention that our belongings might smell like poop if we get water in our basement.

As I’m typing this Moriah just exclaimed, “I want to live! I don’t want it to flood! And what about the library books?! We have to save the library books!”

Anyway, our specific danger is that our sump pump would not be able to keep up with the extra moisture.  The overall danger is that the river will crest higher than the dikes and/or the dikes would break.  We are being rational and realistic. If any of us start freakin’ out, we’ll call our Mommies.

Please remember to pray for us and the Red River Valley.