I think it best to clarify that I started off with the modeling thing because I was bored and I figured that if I did get into it, once I got a real job, it would serve as a means to support my sewing habit, and my dormant shopping habit.  It was in no way intended to be a substitute for getting a job.  I continue to apply for jobs and continue to put my hope and trust in Jesus to provide just the right one at the right time.

Meanwhile, I am continuing to meet several personal and household goals and that is very satisfying.  Additionally, I am sewing and doodling and reading and singing.  I’ve been really inspired lately to go for some of my dreams in a roundabout way.  I will be contacting a lady who has many of the same talents and goals that I have–artistically/creatively– to be my mentor.  It’s a bit of a stretch cause she’s really busy and she is a local celebrity, but the worst that could happen is that she says no and I’m prepared for that. I feel that I really need someone who understands and can relate to what is going on inside me. Someone who has already been there and is still on the journey.  I’ll also be asking a lady to be my spiritual mentor.

So while I wait, I’m filling my time with things that are meaningful and things that lead to something good.  I’m not moping around in my bathrobe, I’m am taking advantage of every moment I have.