Do you want to know how to tick me off pretty much instantly? I’m going to tell you anyway.  You start off by accusing me of wanting a handout. Then you continue by telling me I’m not going to get anywhere if all I want is a handout.

You try convincing someone in my financial position right now that she should pay money that is equivalent to three month’s worth of groceries to train to be a model.  That is just so beyond illogical to me right now.  Someone has locked up my artsy-fartsy self that would avoid the light of day if it meant I could dance all day and has let loose Little Miss Practical.If I were being artsy and living in my little imaginary world where I have no responsibility other than myself, I would take the risk. I would also have a job if I were my only responsibility, but that’s beside the point.

So after she went on her rant I went off.  Don’t sit there and tell me that it is worth the risk to pay money to maybe get employed–part time, when I’m sitting on the steps unemployed. I do not have the money, chick.  Plain and simple. And if I did, I would not PAY.

The entire situation just ticks me off. I’d love to do it. Really.  I’d love to do a lot of things.  All this and the fact that people are pointing out to me that I’m aging. I’m not getting any younger. My eyes say so and 31 is just around the corner.  Hopefully, my life is not half over, but  knowing I haven’t even begun to touch “my dreams” and each day I get closer and closer to death is a bit overwhelming, a bit angering, a bit confusing, a bit depressing. UGH! *sigh*

insert expletive here.