Penelope has been interested in learning to knit for quite some time. I have tried to teach her a couple of times, but I have so little patience and creativity when it comes to teaching my children anything creative other than cooking. But tonight I was inspired to teach my children a little of what I know. I grabbed my bucket of yarn, my bamboo needles, and an once of inspiration.

At first it wasn’t going so well. I was frustrated before we even completed casting on. Then I came up with a fun way to describe to her what is going on during the knitting process. I felt better about teaching and she was ready to go at another round. Then she finished her first row, and she somehow started knitting from the tail. Unfortunately, she is like her mother in that she wants to be good right now and not go through the work and disappointment of messing up in order to get good at something. At that point she was ready to put off knitting until another day. Oh, well. At least I am a little more encouraged about teaching her. Her brother decided he would wait until he was older.

If there is a skill level below beginner/novice when it comes to knitting, that’s me. I can teach my kids to knit and purl, but if they ever mess up all I would know to do is rip it out. I’d like to get better at knitting for the sake of getting better and making nice scarves, so if my children ever want to get any good, they might need to seek a more gifted teacher.