So far we have two of four birthdays under our belts.  The boy turned 5 and Penelope turned 7.  Each year I try to think of a theme for their birthday because it’s fun and I seem to need a theme in order to plan the party. This year, planning the parties was not fun and I concluded that I would be done once they complete 2nd grade.

Noah loves basketball and I wouldn’t let him have a horse theme again, so I went with basketball.  They played “pin the basketball on the backboard.” You had to get the ball in the square to make a shot, then we had a shooting/dunk contest.  The boys then continued by playing a game and the girls sat on the sidelines and cheered.  It was a lot of fun and I always enjoy watching Noah play with other boys.


We had a tea party for Moriah’s birthday. She requested Club crackers, cheddar cheese cubes, and grapes for appetizers.  We served punch/juice as tea.  The girls were asked to bring a stuffed dog or cat OR wear a dress.  I used my real dishes and went with a yellow and blue color scheme. During the appetizers Moriah and her guests discussed questions from this and this (which are  wonderful, my kids LOVE them. If you have children and want to encourage learning how to discuss things and having opinions as well as make good use of meal times, order one now. There are also adult versions).

After conversation and appetizers the girls made notebooks, colored and talked. There was cake and ice cream, more talking and giggling, and presents. At that point they had about half an hour to play, talk and giggle some more.  I loved this party, every gift she got (not one toy, but meaningful, long-lasting gifts) and it made me reconsider my decision to stop all parties after 2nd grade.


As far as parties go, it was my favorite of the ones I have planned, and I am always pleased and impressed with the quality of children that end up in our home.  I will post more pictures on Facebook and hopefully Flickr (I’ve been back down to the free account and that has taken it’s toll on my desire to upload and deal with picking and choosing which pictures to keep up).  If you have a preference for seeing pictures here, let me know and I will oblige.

My birthday is next. I might have a few ladies over for dessert and chatter, but that is a big “might.”