Here is a list of draft titles.  Posts that were written and never published. Posts that were conceptualized, but never written.

  • quite possibly the most hormone drenched post ever OR why I hate menstruating
  • sometimes it’s helpful to be put in a box
  • Truth be told I’m schizophrenic
  • My thoughts on Christmas
  • not another political blog! (by Nathan)
  • 4am: The hour of Ungodliness

Here is the list of posts that get the most hits:

  1. How to get your kids to clean their room: The post that landed me an interview with a freelance writer doing a story for a national magazine. I hope it comes out soon and doesn’t get cut.
  2. Dreams teeth and other random thoughts: Who knew this was such an issue
  3. Once you Go Black you never go back:I’m sure most people were disappointed to find that this post is about chocolate
  4. A Story about Ants: Another surprise is that people are looking for bedtime stories about ants–those lovable hate-able ants.
  5. Homemade Laundry Detergent: Everyone should try this at least once
  6. The Croc Controversy: One of the few posts written by my love. Noah got a pair for his birthday (teehee)