Nathan called today just to see how I was doing.  I began to drone on about how I’m usually pretty tense and crabby for about the first thirty minutes when Moriah gets home because she’s tired and Noah’s so glad to see her he yells at her for about 10 minutes straight, then she yells back at him for another 10 minutes to leave her alone.  That’s when he made this weird beeping, crashing noise to drown me out.  I thought, “wow, he’s getting really good at that…wait…what is that?”

“Honey, I was just in a car accident.  I’m okay.  Gotta go.”

Okay.  That is not what I wanted to hear.  I had just found out that the “family dentist” is not taking new patients and I really want to get my teeth cleaned without paying an arm and a leg.  He said he’s okay.  But he’s Nathan. He could be gushing blood and still say he’s okay. Anyway, I got a call some time later to pick him up. Then another call saying that the ambulance people and the cop suggested that he go in to the hospital to have his knee looked at because it hurt, and they showed him the dent his knee left in the car.  He also has a stain on his pants the color of the dash.

The noises I heard were his honking and subsequent head on collision. A car pulled out in front of him. Nathan honked and swerved to try to avoid it.

He got x-rays and nothing was broken.  Our car is most likely totaled and tomorrow is Moriah’s birthday.  We are pretty exhausted and I’m bracing myself for how he feels in a few days.  He was prescribed some muscle relaxers, but I don’t know if he’ll get them.  Having a family has decreased his stubbornness, but he’s still stubborn. I’m so glad he’s okay and that things weren’t worse.  I feel lightheaded  from all the excitement and will most likely go to bed early tonight.

Our auto insurance will cover the doctor’s visit and the other person’s insurance should cover our car. Until all of that is worked out we are going to be short one car. I know many people have only one car and live to see the next day, so we’ll survive. It will be a bit uncomfortable, but we’ll survive.