…but I was offered a job a few months ago with a major bank.  The glitch was that we would have needed to pack up our life and move to Minneapolis within a month’s time.  The encouraging part was that someone was ready to hire me and that I got great feedback on my resume. If we were in position to do such a thing–we would have.The lady also told me if anything changes let her know because they need people with a resume like mine working for them.  Terrific!

In the meantime, I’m practicing being cute for my modeling interview on Wednesday.  And praying that I don’t end up being pimply, bloated and crabby for the whole thing.  I’ve practiced my smile, my non-smile, and my sexy look–I can’t do sexy.  In fact I think most women who attempt that sexy kissing lip-look end up looking a bit silly.   I am no exception.  I also did some work to my eyebrows only to avoid looking as if I have two caterpillars stuck to my forehead.  Noah has gotten a haircut and I hope he’s in a good mood that day.  I’ll tell him all about it tomorrow. Wish us luck, or at the very least that something really funny will happen so I end up with a great story.