So last night I did something I’ve only half-heartedly considered as a money-making opportunity.  During all of this job searching I have put certain job categories  at the bottom of my wish list (i.e. I don’t want this job) and this is probably in the second to last category along with sales.

I participated in an online model “1st call” audition. No big deal.  I also signed up The Boy and The Girl.  The Boy and I got called in for a “2nd call,” because statistically, they need us. It’s not like I didn’t want to be a model when I was in high school or college, but now it just seems cheesy and  like a big time killer and that it sucks up more money than it should. I have no idea what is involved, but it was fun to get chosen statistically speaking.  At the 2nd call Noah and I have to look our best and they will take a few snap shots of us.  If Noah gets chosen, it will be a great start to his college education. It’s a shame he isn’t making money off those dimples.

They haven’t actually seen us yet, so I’m sure they’ll check us out then–February 25. I don’t think anything will come out of, but it will make for a good story and it will give us something to do.