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I agree with a lot of their description, but I think I would prefer to be a dog that is a little taller and has a better coat of fur. I tried taking the general animal quizzes and I was a bat, an otter, a cat,a unicorn or a monkey.

What gets me about these tests is that I’m too literal. For example, I don’t think of all the behavioral, social, etc.  traits the bat has in common with me, I think of the fact that they are hideous, fowl, rabid creatures that people are afraid of, want to get rid of and hit with a tennis racket. I think of the image of Mom,Nathan, Katie and I running and swatting at the air and screaming when there was a bat in the house. I think of the image of me crouching under a table in Spooner looking eye to eye with one of the ugliest creatures I’ve ever seen, and it makes me think.

“I don’t want to be a bat.”