This is a phrase used in child development to describe how preschool age children think (aka pre-operational stage).  It means that they can only explain the world from their perspective.  It’s a developmental stage that preschoolers should grow out of by the time they reach kindergarten. However,  the stages of development are not concrete so there could be some overlap.  One way to test where your child is at regarding this stage of development is to place a tall binder on a table and without the child’s knowledge, place a few toys on your side, and different toys on the child’s side.  Ask the child what toys he sees on his side, then ask the child t–without looking– tell you what toys you have on your side. The other day I got to witness this “phenomenon” in Noah.

As a child did you  ever get yourself dizzy on purpose?  I did many times, and to try it now, I would be sick for days.  Noah was spinning almost obsessively.  I warned him to stop or he would get sick.  When he stopped, he fell on the floor, looked at me and said, “Are you dizzy mommy? You look dizzy. You should stop spinning or you’ll get sick.”