Today my premature anticipation of the coming Spring caught me off guard almost as much as the realization that I would soon miss the winter sky. Today, I looked out my window  and what I saw took my breath away.  The colors of the sky.  God absolutely amazes me.  No painted sky is ever the same. The colors were bright, yet muted by the cold, winter haze.  I especially enjoy how the white snow and the bare, brown trees complement the colors of the winter sky. I instantly wanted to grab my camera and take a picture. Then I resisted. This winter sky deserved so much more. I wish that my memory was more than a picture and that pictures were more than capturing a memory. There are days it is so cold and dreary I wonder why we or any humans choose to live here. But then I get lost in the silence after a heavy snowfall;  the feel of the cold air on my face invigorates; and I bask in the beauty of the painted, winter sky.