I have mentioned that I hope to build an igloo with my kids.  Well, for my children.  That’s one of those projects that I actually want to turn out and not have it simply be a fun activity for the kids. I’ll save snowmen for that. Anyway, I made progress on it today because the weather was so warm that the snow melted into something workable.  I spent two hours outside while the kids were napping (I tried to wake them up twice).  Moriah asked if it was going to work and decided she’d rather stay inside and sleep since I wasn’t sure if it would work or not,  and Noah was so tired he didn’t budge.

So far the walls are about 3 feet high.  I haven’t gotten the spiral shape needed to make a dome so we might end up with a ceiling-less igloo.  I stayed outside a little longer than I should have and my fingertips are swollen and a little tingly-numb as I type this.  Hopefully, that will go away.  I won’t be much good at anything without any fingertips.  I’ll take pictures, but aside from the fact that I only have a film camera, I’m really slow at getting pictures developed, so don’t hold your breath. I’ll be lucky if I get them posted by spring.