I’ve been trying really hard to keep the posts coming.  But nothing new is going on.  We’re are kind of at a point where we need to see people.  No cute stories and I’m trying really hard to not turn this into my blog.  I had quite the day today, but I really don’t know how to tell a story about how crappy it was to have my key break in the front door after I had been out for three hours already. BUT I did find three pairs of used ice skates! Now we can all go ice skating as a family.

I’m feeling quite uncreative right now.  Okay, I’m lying.  I feel normally creative right now, and not like some artsy freak.  Seriously, people.

Moriah is bored at school.  I know how she feels. She has been asked to join an advanced reading group. She gets to leave class to discuss literature once a week.  She really likes it.  She loves it. I hope it makes up for not being able to take ballet for the rest of the season. None of us can.  Poor us. She is still taking piano.  I think she enjoys her teacher more than she enjoys playing.  Whatever works.

Noah had preschool screening. And don’t get me started about public education or standardized test. I still get mad just thinking about that whole day. As Nathan said, “You tell that lady she sucks. Our son is awesome.”  I knew something was up when she came in acting like she didn’t even know what test to give him.  It’s kindergarten people! UGH!  I’m not going to go there on this blog.  Before you grandmas (mostly Mimi) start to worry, as a mother I know Noah will do just fine in school.  Really, is holding a pencil with only the index finger and thumb so important that it warrants telling me my son holds his pencil “goofy” right in front of him? He uses three fingers. It is weird, I must admit and I’ve watched to see what his pencil control is like and it is just fine. Then she picks up a pencil and you know what, she held  it just like he does, but with two. I’ve seen so many weird pencil grips with adults, I’m not concerned.   I have told myself if I embarrass my kids it will either be because I am doing something silly or because I’m telling a cute story (which I will probably stop doing in their presence), not because I’m “actin’ a fool.”  All I have to say is chick bet’ be glad I got Jesus.  She got me breakin’ out my Ebonics…Whew. It’s hot up in here. And yes, my head is goin’ and if I weren’t typing, my finger would be too. He came home with his head hung low and wanting to do all of those little tests over again. Poor guy. We had a talk, drowned our sorrows in potatoes, re-did the test (all but one he did just fine at home), and ended up having a really good day. Anyway, he does need to catch up in a couple of areas, but nothing I’m too concerned about.  Only if he were starting kindergarten TOMORROW.

Nathan’s job is off to a good start. I’ll never be able to say much more than that.  It’s all I really know.  It’s a very heavily regulated field.  I’m fine with that. It keeps him from talking to me in detail about stuff I don’t understand. Just tell me what I need to know about our specific accounts. Actually, just write it down somewhere in case I ever care to know.

I’m borrowing my friends sewing machine. It almost has me convinced that when I buy another one, I should be in the market for an old metal one instead of one of these fancy new,  plastic jobbers. I finished the project that my old one broke on. And when I finished it, I thought, “That’s it? That’s what it looks like?” It didn’t turn out that great, but it’s done! It’s only for holding cloth napkins (I’m trying to switch to cloth napkins). Yes, I made a box. Yes it is for holding napkins.

That’s the news.