I’m so stinkin tired.  And emotional–because I’m tired. This could be interesting, but most likely it will be awkward. Yet, insightful.  Insightful. Now there’s a novel idea.  Speaking of novels I haven’t read much in my book lately and I’m realizing more and more that I really like to talk. Today I’ve never been more aware of how sleeplessness effects my perceptions.  While the speaker in church today was talking (about something it would have been nice to be coherent for) I fluctuated between periods of uncontrollable laughter and tears.  I held it all in of course. I was tired, not drunk.

I have been drunk before. Hi mom. I didn’t try too. Really.  That’s what happens when you have no clue about alcohol content.  Anyway.  Getting drunk is stupid.  One or two drinks is my limit.  If that.   If I want a real buzz, I deprive myself of sleep.

I go through periods of insomnia.  It’s nothing that worries me.  There are times that God likes to creatively carve out time for me to process things that I don’t seem to have time for during the day.  I think I’m prepared to get up earlier if the alternative is staying up all night.  Thankfully, I don’t have anywhere to be in the morning.

Since I hinted to it.  I still don’t have a job. Duh. Two applications are at a local college.  That would be super awesome. But whatever.  I think where I get tired of talking about this is that there are so many things that are effected by me not having a job and I don’t want to go into the details of that. I know people are only asking cause they care. They are not trying to be persistent. If you really want to know, ask away and thanks for caring and being concerned.

So, I think I’ll tell you some random things about me and others in this house, but mostly me cause I know more about myself than I know about anyone else.  Won’t this be fun?  I think so.  Thinking of this list is part of the reason I couldn’t sleep.

  • I wear a bonnet to bed.
  • I eat my food in a circular pattern.  To assist with the pattern, I place my foods on my plate according to the order I will eat it in and which food will taste the best after that bite (they cannot touch).  I eat in a circle and adjust the size of my bites so that all of my food is finished during the same round.  If there is any food left, I alter things in a way so that my favorite thing will be the last item on my plate.
  • The first thing Moriah does when she wakes up in the morning is take her hand flat against her nose and rub her nose in a vigorous circular pattern.
  • I rub my feet together to help me fall asleep.
  • Noah does not sit down for an entire meal.  He has to always get up and check on something.
  • I love video games and arcades, but I’ve never owned one. A video game…nor an arcade.
  • I like sitting in closets.
  • Nathan hates bugs and creepy crawlies.  If you want a really good laugh you’ll have to be at our house when I pretend to be afraid to kill a moth just so I can see him try to kill it.  It is so funny!
  • I used to catch bugs for fun and dissect them.
  • I also would read lots of science info on animals
  • I organize my pantry so that all of my cans have their labels facing outward and my boxes are facing on the side that tells what is inside the box.  The cans are also organized in columns according to their contents and the shelves are organized according to the types of food housed on each shelf.
  • I have written several songs.
  • My kids are amazing
  • So is my hubby
  • So is my family
  • So are my friends

I still have moments that I’m amazed that I’m married with two children.  Does that ever stop?  Do you ever finally sink into that reality and it is just the way things are?  Those two kids were inside of me and now they are outside of me and talking and growing and they are a lot like us, but they are their own little person.  They are so different from us.

And my husband.  I’m going to grow old with him.  I am growing old with him. We are going to watch each other wrinkle and move slower and forget more.  Wow.  In all the years we have ahead I can’t imagine all that we will experience together.  I’m so thankful that we both have godly parents as role models.  And if our parents were ungodly, there are a lot of other role models out there. So there you go.

I should scoot now.  Oh, I’m not crabby anymore. My attitude is good.  I think it was a conversation with my mother that snapped me out of it. Go mom!  She’s been quite the cheerleader through all of this.  You know, I think she was a cheerleader once.  Shadowlawn?  Well, okay. I’m leaving now for real.  I have some praying to do.

Thanks for reading and keeping up with us.  I miss my family, so if any of you want to come visit don’t come now, wait until May. Then come.  You will surely get the royal treatment. Love you all.