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The sewing machine from hell has finally died, and we are not in the position to replace it. At the end of it all my old sewing machine had messed up so many projects (many Christmas presents) I was in tears. When we bought the machine 8 years ago my husband said I should get the lowest one in the line just in case I don’t end up sewing very much. I trusted my history and not my heart on the matter and now I really regret that. I’ve been without a good machine for a few weeks now, but since I have a very long project list, I’ve managed to find other things to do to fulfill my need to create. But sewing is in my blood and I could only go so long without a machine. My dear friend, Jessica (who doesn’t even know how to sew), is letting me borrow her machine. Her grandmother gave it to her and it’s been sitting in her closet for a few years.

The Husqvarna 6000. It. is. a. beast. It must weigh at least 50 pounds. Plus, it uses these things called cams to give you the varying stitches. Oh my word. I’m a little nervous about that. The exciting thing is that I have the option to do some stitches other than straight and zig-zag. I haven’t used this machine yet, but I’m counting on it running like a dream. Especially compared to it predecessor. All of the pieces are not with the machine and J is out of town, but she gave me permission to go dig in her box to find the rest of the parts. “I wouldn’t know what any of it is anyway,” she told me. Isn’t that disgusting? 😉

Anyway, I’ll be spending time today getting acquainted with my new toy. Hopefully, the other parts will be in her box. My machine died on this project. I’m making one in a larger size for my kitchen table to hold all of our cloth napkins. I should have known that my little machine could no longer handle a felted sweater and upholstry fabric. So as soon as I figure out the other machine, I’m finishing that project.

Wish me luck.