Haircut day in our home is very stressful for mother and child alike. On most haircut days in our home I sort of wish my little prince came out with a head full of nappy hair.  Oops, I mean kinky. Or should I say with Type 3 or 4 curly hair.  Nappy.  He needs a nice head of nappy hair so it would be simpler for me to cut. Don’t get me wrong, he has beautiful hair, and it would be just as beautiful if it were nappy. I know how to cut nappy hair.  It’s not just that his hair is straight, he has cowlicks, and God bless his little heart–a funny shaped head (I would never mention that to him, cause it really is perfect in every oddly-shaped way). I have to get creative when cutting his hair.

I’ve been cutting his hair since his first hair cut and each time I pretend I know what I’m doing.  Most of the time it ends up looking decent, because God has decided that my child shall not suffer for his mother’s inadequacies. In addition to me not knowing what I’m doing–I just dive in and pray for the best–Noah screams bloody murder the entire 30+ minutes.  I figured it was because his hair was being ripped out because our clippers had dull blades (they aren’t the kind you can sharpen and I couldn’t find replacement blades) and other issues. So, I bought a new clipper. Sure enough, he still screams. He just hates getting his hair cut.

But now, I tell him it won’t hurt if he doesn’t scream his head off. Because if he screams his head off, mommy gets nervous, and if mommy gets nervous who knows what will happen.

“Stop screaming or your hair is going to look really stupid!”

That’s what I tell him, because it’s true.  He is getting better.I’m not getting better, but let me tell you–it’s worth it.  People charge an arm and a leg to give a little kid a haircut these days.  I’m sure that by the time he’s old enough to pay for a professional haircut, I’ll be really good at. And if we do our job, he’ll want to save money by having his mom cut his hair.  Cause no one can cut your hair the way mom does.