Last night my sewing machine proved to me that it is not worthy of cloth I lay upon it.  In fact, that very cloth sits stuck on my machine right this very moment.  And. that’s. just fine with me.  I would rather have no machine at all than one that convinces me to use it only to do something stupid.

Farewell, you stubborn old cow.  You served me well for about 6 (I’m being generous) of your 8 years , and for that I am thankful.  Really.  But after those 6 years were up, I promise I was only being polite.  To think, I almost had myself convinced that you worked just fine if I was making something for my immediate family because all of the work I tried to do for someone else seemed to disturb you.  But it was a project for my home and my family that you pooped out on.  I was really excited, too.  Almost done.  You almost redeemed yourself.

That’s just fine with me.  There’s plenty to be done that doesn’t involve sewing.  Pa-len-ty.

And with that, I bid you a final farwell.  It is not hard to say goodbye.  And though I shed a tear, it wasn’t for long.  Good riddance you temperamental ol’ biddy.