After last night I knew that Noah and I needed to get out of the house.  I was awake until 2am and so was he.  He couldn’t sleep and neither could I.  They were two unrelated events. As I lay in bed I came up with a great idea that should keep us busy most of the winter, make us tired enough to sleep at night, fulfill my desire to create, and relieve the tension of being couped up inside (among other tensions).  We’re going to build an igloo!

The goal for today was to clear away a “sidewalk” and pour the foundation (flatten a spot).  I spent an hour shoveling away three feet of snow within an 8-foot diameter.  The snow is too soft for building just yet, but there were some great chunks of snow perfect for chucking at The Boy.  We had a blast.  My sides ache from laughter and my back aches from shoveling.  We had a snow-chunk fight and tackled each other in the snow. I hope we get some wet snow soon so we can build our summer kitchen.

Today I also started some ice sculptures that I will use to light our steps (tea lights inserted) and perhaps create a light post for the igloo.  I’m pretty pumped about them.  I hope they work out.

This should keep us very busy this month.  The kids want to go sledding now, but I’m having trouble staying awake standing up.  Hopefully, sledding down our basement stairs will suffice.