As the smell of freshly purchased garlic powder penetrated every floor of our home, I lay in bed wishing my cold effected my nose more than my lungs.  The tickle in my throat was quite persistent.  If only I hadn’t taken that 4 hour nap. I felt better after the nap, but the tickle in my throat lingers on.

I have discovered that if I sleep for any amount of time after 2pm, I am guaranteed to sleep poorly that same night.  Last night was no different.  I got out of bed, chugged a little children’s cough syrup, jarred the garlic powder, sprayed a little odor absorber, and commenced to live vicariously through the many crafters, artists, and fashionistas who have graced the world with their online presence.  A yawn.

By 1:00 this morning, I finally felt tired.  But I didn’t sleep.  Just as I was about to drift off to sleep, The Boy would wake up calling for Daddy.  This happened many, many times.  Once Nathan would return to bed, he would fall asleep, but concerned me with breathing that sounded as if he were underwater. Nausea. Great.  What else could disturb my failed attempts at sleeping?

And finally, the smell is gone.  Drifting. Off…to…sleep. Ah…sleep.

“Good morning, Mommy!  I’m off to school.  I love you.”

I love you too, Moriah.  Have a good day.